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Cancellation Watch: Fall TV's First One Down Is Fox's Lone Star

Lone Star, James Wolk, Jon Voight Bill Matlock/FOX

Goodbye, pretty man who sort of looked like Kyle Chandler!

Fox has canceled Lone Star, starring James Wolk and Jon Voight, after just two terribly-rated episodes.

So what went wrong, and what will air in Lone Star's old time slot?

Despite some measure of critical acclaim, viewers refused to commit to Lone Star's two-timing Robert Allen (Wolk) and the Dallas-esque oil-industry world he used as the backdrop for his cons. The premiere episode of Lone Star aired Sept. 20 to just 4.1 million viewers, and the audience for last night's second installment dropped to just 3.7 million. 

The bad news for show runner Kyle Killen is that his widely disseminated plea for more viewers failed to achieve its stated goal. The good news is that the letter was itself a fine piece of writing that significantly upped his public profile. Killen's sure to work again in television, early and often if he chooses to. (Among other things, former Lost boss Damon Lindelof just tweeted, "Lone Star, I am pouring my forty on your grave. Respect, homie.")

Fox has replaced Lone Star on the schedule with Lie to Me. The third-season premiere of the Tim Roth lie-detection series is set to air Monday, Oct. 4 at 9 p.m.

Are you bummed about the demise of Lone Star, or were you always pretty "blah" about that show? Excited for more Lie to Me? Hit the comments.


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