Brad Womack

Edward Herrera/ABC

Brad Womack says he's ready to find the love of his life on a TV show that has produced slightly fewer lasting relationships than your average frat-house mixer.

And we believe him.


Now, did we roll our eyes when we first heard Womack profess himself to be a changed man—and a better Bachelor? Sure. Who wouldn't?

Who would believe him?

Us, post-eye roll.  

Because we were pretty sure you weren't going to take our hunch for it, we sought out a second opinion from Robert Galinsky, who knows—and helps train—aspiring-Womack types as founder of the New York Reality TV School.

"I think the majority of [reality stars] love the exposure, but there's a small percent of people who definitely zero in on what the style or the mission of the show is, and they're true to that," Galinsky told us. "And in this case, I really do think this guy wants to find love."

In other words, just because Womack's an exhibitionist doesn't mean he's an insincere exhibitionist.

His first time around on the show, in fact, he was a most sincere Bachelor, failing to either propose or commit, when either choice would've guaranteed him rounds of "Happily Ever After" magazine covers, not to mention the follow-up "It's Over!" ones, too.

We refuse to believe Womack took that P.R. hit just to make good TV, just as we refuse to believe he's returning to the show just to make more good TV, because, above all, we believe in reality stars, and the unreal way in which their minds work.

Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. Reality stars gotta fall in love on reality-TV shows.

That's the way they're built. And Brad Womack was built to be a Bachelor.

That we believe, too.

Read all about Brad Womack's Bachelor return right here.  

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