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OK, Mad Men fans. We must discuss Joan's (Christina Hendricks) big plotline from last night's "Hands and Knees" episode, but we can't do it out here because anyone who hasn't seen the show yet would be terribly spoiled. So jump inside to help us tie up some loose ends...

Did she do it?! Did Joan go forward with her planned illegal "procedure," i.e. her third abortion (that we know of)?

Joan was trying to get pregnant by her husband, the creepy failure we call Doctor Rapist (Sam Page), but so far that's been no-go. Meanwhile, she and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) have always had a passionate love for each other, despite them both having been married at various points during their affair.

Now that Joan is accidentally pregnant with a Baby Sterling, is there any chance that Joan could decide to keep Roger's baby and pass it off as Greg's to both Greg and everyone else? Such a choice would be a terrible risk, but maybe she's just at a point in her life where that risk is worth it?

We found it awfully suspicious that we didn't see her actually get the procedure itself. So what do you think? Did she or didn't she? Vote in our poll:

Mad Men Poll: Joan's Choice
What did Joan do?

The comments await your take on this situation, as well as your testimonies to the general awesomeness of Slattery and Hendricks and the obviously ideal gene combination that would result from a Sterling-Holloway union.


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