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Intentionally "leaked" or not, has ANY celebrity ever actually had a setback by a sex tape's surfacing?
—Breanna H., via Facebook

You assume that people in sex tapes had careers to begin with. Kim Kardashian had plenty of ambition and fashion sense before her sex tape, but she didn't have a reality empire until after it came to light. And let's talk about Danielle Staub and Paris Hilton and the Noxema Girl—actually, let's not.

Because there's one person who, I guarantee, wishes that her sex tape never surfaced:

And that's Carrie Prejean.

After she was fired as Miss USA last year, she sued the organization, claiming religious discrimination and all this. She reportedly demanded no less than $1 million—until, that is, her solo sex tape emerged.

She walked away from the table with nothing.

"It was the biggest mistake of my life," Prejean later told Sean Hannity. "I was all by myself. I was sending a boyfriend at the time, who I loved and cared about, a video of me. I was a teenager at the time. Never did I think it would ever come out. But it was bad judgment and it's embarrassing."

Right. Unlike everything she said about gay marriage; nothing shameful there.

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