Mike Sorrentino,  The Situation

Hellmuth Dominguez/PacificCoastNews.com

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is trying to make some extra cash—and a lot of it—while in Los Angeles doing Dancing With the Stars.

The Jersey Shore star is now asking $100,000 to appear at Hollywood parties, according to an event organizer who turned him down for a recent gig.

And it wasn't just because the party planners didn't want to foot his high price...

"We didn't feel he was a good fit for our brand," one insider tells me. "Plus, that was just too much money!"

During the first season of Jersey Shore, it only cost $7,500 to have The Situation appear at your party.

Then again, Lindsay Lohan once charged $350,000 to show up at a club post-rehab, so maybe you could consider him a bargain?

When reached for comment, Mike's manager told me he can't "confirm or deny" the supposed fee request.

And even though the Situation didn't get $100k for this gig, it probably won't hurt his bottom line. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's already fist-pumping his way to earn a cool $5 million this year

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