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Save It or Sink It

ABC/DONNA SVENNEVIK; Bowen Smith/FOX; Mario Perez/CBS; Matthias Clamer/FOX; Robert Sebree/CBS; Joseph Viles/NBC

You've had the chance to see all the new fall shows for yourself, and now it's your turn to play TV critic. What new series do you love, and which ones did you loathe? The ratings can only tell us so much—there are always highly rated shows that just suck, while other pilots instantly land in the "brilliant but canceled" pile. So which is which? You tell us:

Disagree with our groupings? (For example, did My Generation really speak to you?) Tell us in the comments about what you picked and why. (And come back after No Ordinary Family premieres next week and share your write-in vote if that's your new fave drama!)


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