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Dear Ted:
My hubby and I saw The Town this past weekend, and I was surprised at how great Blake Lively's performance was. Have you seen it? I'm thinking there may be a Supporting Actress nod for her come Oscar time.
—MN Babe

Dear Out of Town:
You're kidding, I hope. I think Blake is a doll and I appreciated her effort—she was better than I though she'd be—but she didn't blow me away. Plus, that Boston accent was about as convincing as Jake Gyllenhaal's accent in Prince of Persia.

Dear Ted:
When Ricky Martin came out, you told us you couldn't reveal his B.V. because being gay was not the Vice, but rather other things he may have gotten up to. I am wondering if there are any of the closeted B.V.s you could reveal if the star came out. Toothy perhaps?

Dear The Tile File:
Hardly! Toothy has far dirtier secrets than the fact that he's down with the LGBT. Like, say, sex in public and an occasional cocaine habit (though not so much these days), not to mention there are the identities of Grey Goose, Baby Tile and any beard T2's ever had. That's where things get complicated, Chaz.

Dear Ted:
Why isn't Dennis Quaid helping his brother or any other family member?

Dear Tough Love:
Because sometimes letting your fam get through their own crap without getting involved (and subsequently turning it into a media circus) is the best way to help. Lohans, take note.

Dear Ted:
The pictures of Kristen Stewart wearing Robert Pattinson's "Get off my D--k" shirt finally surfaced. Do you think this will be enough proof that Kris and Rob share clothes? Why hasn't this been in your articles yet? I always thought that whatever you do, you did to protect them and support them. If you don't report certain news about them, I just think that it's not important. Is what I'm believing true or have you really turned into Summit PR man?

Dear D--k Pic:
Isn't that old news, T? Of course they love swapping clothes—hell, TomStu gets in on it sometimes too—and I'm sure this won't be the last time you see Kris donning one of Rob's tees. Wonder if it'll ever be the other way around...

Dear Ted:
Do you think Miley Cyrus will have a real career in two years? I just can't see it. My daughter used to be a big fan and is sporadically watching the Hannah Montana final season, but totally not into her music. Do you think she has what it takes to have an acting career (even a short one)?

Dear Crystal Ball:
Miles isn't going out without a fight, that's for sure. I think her demographic is just changing as she is transitioning into more...mature music and movies. She'll find a new group of fans outside the kiddie demo (not to say there aren't already tweens and twentysomethings who totally heart the gal).

Dear Ted:
Do models express their opinion about the best/worst designers to work for? Do they talk about who has the best/worst clothes? Or are they just robots that wear what they're told? BTW, I visited your country recently and had a blast in San Antonio!

Dear Model Behavior:
Sure, most models definitely have an opinion and chit chat with each other, but none of them are going around blabbing which collection they think is the most fug—not if they want work in the industry, that is. Designers can throw diva fits models couldn't even dream of.

Dear Ted:
Is Baby Tile a human baby, or could it be a pet that the Tiles' adopted and share?

Dear Baby Onboard:
How disappointing would that be! Nope, while T2 loves his four-legged friend, Baby Tile is as human as they come.

Dear Ted:
Thanks for answering my question on Rihanna and Eminem. One can only dream when it comes those two! I was also wondering about Leonardo DiCaprio and the chances of him and Kate Winslet ever becoming more than friends? An actual real-life couple? I know they have onscreen chemistry, but it seems like he won't commit to marriage... maybe because he's waiting for her, now that she's separated, to realize that they should give each other a chance at love? What are there chances? Or are they destined to always be just friends?

Dear Sunken Ship:
As much as I'd love to tell you Jack and Rose have a chance of reuniting in the real world, it ain't gonna happen. These two are strictly pals—and sometimes costars—and, especially now that Kate landed a hot new dude and Leo is getting serious (relatively) with Bar, it looks like it's going to stay that way.

Dear Ted:
When you refer to a blind as "gay," do you mean gay, not bi? Likewise, does "bi" mean bi, not gay? I know some who use the term "gay" as a broad term referring to sexuality that doesn't fall within the "straight" category (whatever that is). It's probably not the easiest subject to sum up in a short blog, I know, but I don't think I've ever read your definition.

Dear Bi Today, Gay Tomorrow:
Sexuality is always a tricky subject with the fellows, but I try to be as fair as possible. There are clearly dudes like Toothy who have tried to play sexually liberal and go both ways, but the truth is he ends up just liking the guys more than the gals. Then there are guys I truly believe are bisexual—Nevis Divine and even Nelly Fang come to mind—who don't mind dabbling in both sexes. Does that help?

Dear Ted:
How do you know for an absolute fact that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries are not dating? You seem to always be so positive. What things do you know?

Dear Sex-Free Set:
I've got a very knowledgeable source on set who is privy to tons of delicious dish straight from the mouths of the many sexy stars, which of course includes who is—and more likely on that set, is not—getting frisky.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if Nevis Divine's GF is also bisexual. If she's so chill with N.D.'s swingin' ways, I don't think it would be a stretch if she were so inclined as well.

Dear Lady Divine:
She's no stranger to sexual liberation, that much is true.

Dear Ted:
What's going on with Kristin Cavallari? Is she really staying out of trouble? It's hard to believe she's behaving, considering the reports of her intoxication during her mom's recent DUI arrest. As a celebrity gossip lover and avid Bears fan, I feel like my worlds are colliding! She's going to have a lot of angry Chicagoans after her if Jay Cutler starts performing poorly.
—Proud Mommy to a Rescue Kitty

Dear Bear Wrestling:
Let's just say she's more or less behaving—the gal definitely knows how to keep her dirty laundry hidden, when she wants to. But can you really blame K.C. if Jay doesn't perform? As far as I'm concerned, that's his business, and it's totally lame to blame the babe.

Dear Ted:
Are you buying the whole Joaquin Phoenix meltdown as a hoax? I don't at all. I haven't forgotten that interview where he asked the interviewer if a frog was on his head, that was just too weird!

Dear Phoenix Rising:
While many of the weirdest things in H'wood are true, I'm inclined to believe that, yes, this whole act was just that. And remember, Joaquin is a damn good actor, so it's not too hard to believe he could pull it off.

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