Joe Giudice, Simon Barney, Bryan Masche

Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images; Kelsey McNeal/BRAVO; WeTV

Missing the dad schadenfreude (dadenfreude?) heyday of Jon Gosselin?

Never fear, these reality-TV papas are here to pick up the douchey slack:

Simon Barney: Tamra's control freak hubby has reportedly gone control freakier on his estranged Orange County Housewife—as in getting arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. We imagine Vicky is off woo-hooing somewhere...

Bryan Masche: The Raising Sextuplets patriarch is apparently raising hell, too. As if reportedly threatening his father-in-law wasn't bad enough, he allegedly screamed obscenities in front of his 3-year-olds and didn't calm down till cops suggested Tasering him. Whoa, sparky.

Joe Giudice Jersey Housewife Teresa's lovable Italian stallion grunting gorilla has not only gone broke, he's recently landed behind bars for a DUI arrest from last January. Oh, Juicy Joe, you're just the pits.

So call up your pop to thank him for not being a tool, then sound off on our pity party poll!

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Schadenfreude Poll! Sept. 21, 2010
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