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Jesse James' ex-wife thinks their daughter needs therapy. Guess what Jesse James thinks?

Janine Lindemulder, the second former Mrs. James, has petitioned the Orange County family court to order James to take their 6-year-old, Sunny, to a therapist in Texas, claiming that the West Coast Choppers owner is poisoning the child against her mom.

And yes, Sandra Bullock is mentioned, as well.

Lindemulder states that, according to Sunny, Bullock told the child at some point that Lindemulder went to jail because she "lied to police."

The former porn actress was locked up for failing to pay about $300,000 in taxes. So if Bullock has said "mommy lied to the IRS..."

Regardless of what Bullock supposedly told Sunny, Lindemulder's motion states that, since James' divorce from the Oscar winner, the child is now "extremely concerned about adult issues and seems to be emotionally and mentally tormented by them."

Nightmares about tattoos we might understand, but "adult issues"?

Lindemulder states that Sunny acted "confrontational, upset and extremely disrespectful" after spending a few days with her dad in August, during the time the child was allowed to stay with her mom preceding her move to Austin.

Over the course of the summer, Sunny also made some "extremely disturbing and inappropriate comments" that were "not normal for a 6-year-old," claims her distressed mom.

The last time she saw Sunny before the move, Lindemulder says, she was dropping her daughter off and James wouldn't let her into his house to use the bathroom. He then "grabbed Sunny by the arm, and virtually dragged her into the residence" when he found out his ex had been inside earlier in the day, Lindemulder claims.

Alleging that she has had no contact with Sunny she moved to Texas, Lindemulder wants the court to order therapy for all three of them.

And James agrees, as far as one of them is concerned.

In his own court filing, James states that Sunny has her own cell phone and can take calls from her mom whenever she chooses.

"Based on the hundreds of voicemails and emails I have received from [Lindemulder] it appears that she has been calling Sunny at inappropriate times," James says, adding that his ex has also called Sunny's school and asked that she be taken out of class to speak to her mom.

Jesse James, Janine Lindemulder

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A transcription of one of Lindemulder's alleged voicemails, dated Aug. 24, reads: "Jesse, this is f--king bulls--t. I want to talk to my daughter. You're playing games with me. I don't give a s--t about your f--king child support. Keep it, shove it up your ass." Etc.

The following day, according to transcripts, Lindemulder left another message telling James she would like to wish Sunny luck on her first day of first grade.

James' declaration also states that Lindemulder is back doing her "porn webcam" videos for money, and that Sunny said herself that "[Lindemulder] no longer wanted to be her mother and would not be seeing her or calling her again."

The former Monster Garage star's filing goes on to say that his ex is unstable and that, based on her voicemails, it sounds "as if she is drinking or taking drugs again, as her words on several calls have been slurred and there are long pauses as if she cannot gather her thoughts."

For her part, Lindemulder declared that she "purposefully left him absurd voicemails in order to attract his attention and maybe, hopefully, get a response."

A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 21.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

(Originally published Sept. 21, 2010, at 3:46 p.m. PT)


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