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As if Annette Bening didn't have enough to worry about—dealing with trouble on the home front and navigating a press tour without the media poking its nose into her personal biz—she needs to get ready for another problem.

To quote the great Jay-Z, she's got 99 problems, and now Julianne Moore is one more.

And no, The Kids Are All Right costars aren't feuding—both ladies are far too classy for that—but they could both be competing for a Best Actress nomination at next year's Academy Awards.

The big-wigs behind the flick have reportedly decided not to split up their two leading gals (which would have given one a shot at the Best Supporting Actress category instead). Trouble is, running against each other will probably make it even harder for Annette to nab the top honor, which she deserves.

We're not saying J.M. was bad in the movie or even that she's undeserving of awards for her meaty performance—far from, actually—but Annette is the star of the film and deserves to grab a little gold man for her success.

Remember, Annette should have won for American Beauty; Hilary Swank stole it from her for Boys Don't Cry (arguably an equal-caliber killer performance).

But now, not only does Annette have to compete against actresses already gunning for noms—like Black Swan's Natalie Portman and Rabbit Hole's Nicole Kidman—but she's got to worry about The Kids Are All Right votes being split.

Add to this whatever's going on at home, and it's just unfortunate. Especially since we're sure A won't have an easy campaign, seeing as she's had to go radio silent to protect her family's privacy.

We're still rooting for you, though, Annette.

You shoulda won for The Grifters, too!

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