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UPDATE: A dog is a dawg for life.

"Ok So me and oprah made up this morning," Fiddy tweeted today. "I just had to put here in check. She be talking crazy to me and s--t. lol." Gee, can't imagine where she picked that up.


If you haven't set up a Twitter account for your pet, whom you've happened to name after one of your more vocal public detractors (not to mention the reigning queen of daytime everything), then congratulations, you make much more effective use of your time than 50 Cent.

Much, much less entertaining use of your time, but more effective all the same.

That's right, sometime around one in the afternoon yesterday, Fiddy officially ran out of things to occupy his time, as that's when the Twitter page for Oprah Winfrey (OprahTheDog) first leapt to life.

Oprah, you see, is the rapper's dog (with the Twitpics to prove it) and while the pooch seems to share its owner's affinity for foul-mouthed smack talk, the whole of her ire seems directed to 50 Cent, sparking one of the more bizarre Twitter feuds, well, ever, and one that's no doubt sent Freud rolling over in his grave. In delight.

"50 is crazy I want a new f--kin owner he broke my leg goddamn it!" Oprah the Dog wrote as her christening tweet. "Motherf--ker 50 almost stepped on me this morning and he knew I was at the foot of the bed, and he always calling me for nothing!!

"And he always plays his music too loud. Dont nobody wanna hear that s--t! he aint made a classic since get rich or die tryin," the rant continued. "He sent me to a trainer for 2 whole months n expected me to run to him when he came back. f--k this I need a new owner."

On the one hand, who knew Fiddy could take himself so unseriously? On the other hand, he should probably be expecting a call from a few animal rights groups over the photos he posted in the heat of his "feud."

The first tweet from Oprah 2.0 refers to a photo Fiddy posted of the pup with her front leg in a cast. (A bright pink one. Dog's gotta maintain some style, after all.)

"This is my dog Oprah Winfrey," Fiddy tweeted alongside pictorial evidence yesterday. "I broke her leg cause the peta people threw paint on my coat. F--k that!"

"The bitch gonna be alright," he added. "I took her to the doctor."

A joke? Clearly. But that didn't stop him from posting three more photos of himself "threatening" his four-legged adversary with a knife.

"Now this is how you shut a bitch up," he wrote. "Yeah I thought u'd change your mind bitch! You can take it! Dont worry it will be a lil sharp pain but you'll be alright @OprahTheDog."

Oprah the Dog, as it turns out, could take it and issued a warning to any would-be meddlers.

"You @peta people need to mind ur own f--kin business…its personal s--t going on here," she tweeted.

For those seeking a little more assurance, fear not: retribution was had this morning by the little O, who has already issued several death threats to her owner, alongside promises to "s--t on the haters."

And as for those lining up to bad-mouth this particular dog's best friend? "Oh yea only I can talk s--t about my Dad!" she clarified.

Huh. Here we thought it was owners that started to resemble their dogs, not the other way around.

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