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Turns out, the only person mama told not to come was herself.

Despite a flurry of preshow reports to the contrary, Sarah Palin ended up MIA for her daughter's cha-cha-cha debut (that extra security must've been to make sure no one hassled the Hoff?), but that didn't mean she wasn't fully supportive of Bristol's turn on the dance floor.

And you can bet no one whooped louder than she did when Palin the younger made her little pre-dance Levi digs. Well, except maybe Levi himself. Any publicity, etc.

"Sweet diversion from politics!" the former governor tweeted last night before the show. "Dancing W'The Stars party in r livingroom tonight w/friends who r lovin' this change of pace 4 Sweet Bristol!"

When it got closer to the abstinence advocate's time to shine, with a big assist from Mark Ballas, the mama bear once again took to Twitter to share her pride—along with pictorial evidence of the hottest home viewing party ticket in Wasila—nay, all of all Alaska—last night.

"Over-the-moon excited and happy for Bristol!" she wrote. "Cheering her on @DWTS party in the Palin living room."

Time will tell if Bristol, who scored a perfectly respectable, potential-showing 18 for her toe-tapping efforts, is a bigger voter draw than her mother. The first Dancing With the Stars elimination takes place on tonight's ever filler-packed results show.

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