Taylor Lautner, Behind the Scenes, New Moon

Courtesy of David Strick/Los Angeles Times

Should Taylor Lautner be worried? Will the stars of MTV's upcoming Teen Wolf eclipse his Twilight wolf pack?

Get ready for a Hollywood hottie wolf-off!

Teen Wolf is a "reinvention" of the 1980s flick starring Michael J. Fox, says series writer and co-executive producer Jeff Davis. "It's a teen horror show," he tells me. "It's going to be scary, funny and hopefully sexy."

So which are hotter—Twi-wolves or TW's hairy high schoolers? "We told our makeup artist that we don't want so much a furry creature," director Russell Mulcahy says. "We want a werewolf you could kiss. Ours don't turn into dogs."

Davis explains some more, "We usually say the others have werewolves you can pet—we have ones you can kiss."

Robert Pattinson has nothing to worry about, however, because there are no fanglicious bloodsuckers in TW. Davis says, "There will never be vampires!" 


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