Lindsay Lohan

David Tonnessen,

Who knew Michael Lohan would be right about something! He recently declared "Lindsay's back," and she is, all right. Back on the party scene.

L.L. has been in New York, not so coincidentally where Samantha Ronson also spent the weekend, and was spotted partying late into the night at the Standard's recently reopened club Boom Boom Room.

Yes Linds, we have people there checking up on your behavior. Here's what we heard:

That the doll looked "well behaved."

"From what I could see, it didn't look like she was drinking anything alcoholic," says an insider at the hotspot, who's been around Lohan during her hard-partying past. Fashion weeks past, too, in NYC.

"She was with a few friends in the corner obviously trying not to be seen. But at no point did she make a scene either, which is unusual. Lindsay was low-key."

Adds the clubgoer: "She actually physically looked really good, too. Isn't that the most distinct sign when she does fall off the wagon?"

In fact, a source close to Linds insists the babe who has been "living under a media microscope" is 100 percent sober, pill- and alcohol-wise.

"Because of the outpatient thing she's in, she can't do anything stronger than an Advil!" exclaims the source close with Linds, insisting the night was "harmless hanging out."

"She's been cooped up-first in a jail then in a hospital-and she's used to living it up," says our source. "She just wants a night to go and hang out. People need to ease off her. Just because she's sober doesn't mean she has to be in bed at nine."

This Lohan insider adds Linds is under strict supervision enforced by her outpatient treatment, and there's no way she would be able to slip up without getting caught.

In fact, Lindsay's new image team is part of these regulators. One of their provisions for helping her out was that L.L. ditch "negative influences" she was seen partying with pre-rehab.

"The few good people Lindsay has in her life basically have to reprove themselves. It's like she's being forced to ween off everyone she was hanging with before she went to jail."

So does Dina Lohan fall in that category? (We kid! Except not at all.)

OK, Linds you're getting a pass on this one (after all, we know NYC nightlife is hard to pass up). But if we see you at Voyeur anytime soon, we're going to start to wonder.

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