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"You hate me? That sounds like the beginning of a love story."

So said vampire doppelgänger extraordinaire Katherine (Nina Dobrev) in The Vampire Diaries' second-season opener last Thursday. Sure, it was said to Stefan (Paul Wesley), but really, in the world of TVD, that line seems to apply just as much to everyone's favorite love-to-hate vamp bad boy Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and resident Damon-hating witch Bonnie (Katerina Graham).

So will this dueling duo finally put their feud to rest and give in to the kinky sexual tension we all felt when Bonnie gave Damon a headache using her powers? Here's what we just learned from Katerina herself:

Sorry, "Bamon" shippers, but in a word: No.

Kat Graham had this to say about the much-discussed Bonnie and Damon relationship: "I don't know if they're ever going to a have a friendship. There's a lot of fans of the books that even want us to get together romantically. Right now, Bonnie's feelings about her grandmother are still very raw. She's not going to be tolerant for awhile with Damon."

OK, so we won't be seeing any Damon-Bonnie lovin', but what about fighting? Kat told us Bonnie was very serious when she warned Damon she'll take him out if he goes back to his old (and is it wrong to say fun?) drain-‘em-and-kill-‘em ways. "The sweet Bonnie from the first season is definitely going to be challenged. She is going to have to stand up for herself, and she is going to keep her promise on certain levels."

Another thing you can add to Bonnie's "con" list for Damon? Caroline (Candice Accola) turning into a vampire. Kat said Bonnie will feel a little responsible because she told Damon to give Caroline his blood (though Katherine was the one to jumpstart the transformation by smothering her). "This is somebody who you love and you're putting pressure on other people to help you out to protect someone else. There's guilt with the whole process."

Katerina Graham, The Vampire Diaries

Quantrell Colbert/The CW

However, she still feels the vampires are ultimately to blame...for everything that's ever happened in the entire world. Or something like that. "It's still their fault that this happened in the first place. At the end of the day, if the vampires didn't come to town, this wouldn't be a problem."

We think Damon said it best: "Witches, judgy little things."

While Kat isn't sure if Bonnie will have a love interest this season, there is one relationship she will be focused on repairing: her friendship with Elena (Nina Dobrev, part two!). Will the BFFs be able to overcome all the drama from last season? (See: Bonnie not deactivating the Gilbert device, Gram's death, their conflicting opinions on vamps, etc. You know, your typical teen drama.)

"These are two people that they are going to make an effort. They're going to really try and repair, but I mean even me, if the situation had happened to me, I don't know how much repairing could be done," she said. "I know that they really, really love each other and that Bonnie has this almost desperate attachment to Elena because that's her family now."

Speaking of the Gilbert device, Kat was surprised by the fan backlash (including angry tweets and personal emails) after Bonnie lied to Elena about deactivating the vampire weapon, which almost led to Damon being killed. Oops.

"I was like, ‘Dude, I'm just the actress! Relax!' I was surprised that people didn't understand the philosophy behind it, that Bonnie did it to protect Elena and to get rid of these vampires," she explained. "I don't know what could have been done to explain that better, but I don't mind taking the heat for an episode. It just showed how into it the fans are and they know I love them."


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