Sofia Vergara, Madonna

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Silent quotes, aka a simple shake of the head in response to a touchy Q,  are becoming all the rage these days (that Jennifer Aniston has always been such a trendsetter—anyone still rocking the "Rachel" hairstyle?

Need to tell you all that saucy Colombian Sofia Vergara hit the red carpet on Sunday for the MTV Video Music Awards and looked drop-dead gorge as she strutted, smiling as onlookers' jaws dropped. But did Sofia's mouth drop when when we asked her about Madonna, whom Vergara once dissed?

First, let's catch up: Remember when Sof called out the big M for supposedly conforming to the H'wood plastic surgery norms?

While we still think it's über-crafty (if not a bit cowardly) that S.V. called out pop-star Madge instead of one of the many nipped and tucked actresses she works in closer proximity to, we had to ask the buxom babe if she and M had called a truce. Her response?

A big laugh and...a distinct shake of her head.

Guess both the gals have other things to worry about (like helping mend Sofia's luckily recovering boyfriend. But still, can't all of us sexy folks just get along?

Probably not. At least, not in this Biz.

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