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We've been trying to ignore the blatantly ridiculous stories of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but you all are frantically emailing and seem so concerned we'll clear them up here.

Who is ready for a game of One Truth and Two Lies?

So, which is which?

Yes...we can confirm R.Pattz and K.Stew have been together in Louisiana!

After a long bromantic road trip, Rob finally made it to New Orleans.

Kristen is in the middle of filming On the Road in NOLA and beyond, and we're told by sources he's been visiting the über secret set by day and hanging with his girlfriend by night.


There have been some Facebook and Twitter spottings of the two out at a pool bar and other joints over the weekend. We always take those with a grain of salt, but we do know R.P. was most def with K.S. over the weekend on set.

"He would hang out on set while she would film," says our source. "He's really chill and nice in person the crew likes having him around."

Does that sound like a needy boyfriend to you? Yeah, no way!

As for the Rob being possessive of Kristen and jealous of her and Tom Sturridge's non romantic relationship, both of those rumors are "ridiculous" adds a source close to the couple.

So enjoy knowing our fave duo has been spending some quality un-papped time together!

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