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    Bachelor Pad Attempts Class, Crowns a Winner

    "In the history of me teaching as a pro, I've never heard head a woman ask, 'Please, grab my boobs, it's safer,'" said Dancing With the Stars pro Louis Van Amstel.

    Well, he'd never worked with the finalists from Bachelor Pad before, had he?

    In a very convenient bit of synergy, the final three couples on ABC's Bachelor/Bachelorette spinoff were coached in the art of ballroom by DWTS pros and then judged by Melissa Rycroft, Trista Rehn and—poor TenleyJake Pavelka for a shot at two roses and a hefty helping of power.

    "You guys are dating!" Jake squealed gleefully after Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt (who, ahem, was desperately hoping to "prove that I'm not only a great partner in this competition, but also a great partner in life."

    But alas, Tenley and her new beau Kiptyn Locke managed to dance circles around them and Natalie Getz and Dave Good, giving them the honor of picking the other couple to join them in the finals.

    And they went with Dave and Natalie, tougher competition, perhaps, than Elizabeth and Kovacs but a friendlier proposition in the end.

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth figured love is, in the end, more imporant than money and Kovacs "wasn't as angry as [he] thought he'd be" about losing out on the $250,000 grand prize because he now has an "awesome relationship" with Elizabeth.


    But onto the money matters...

    The show's Survivor aspect really kicked in during Monday's live finale, when all of Dave & Natalie (Nave) and Kiptyn & Tenley's (Kipley) former padmates ganged up on the final four with questions about motivation, trust and past backstabs to determine who was most "deserving" of $250,000.

    Most of the questions were in the ballpark of "is your relationship real?" and, for the record, Kipley are boyfriend-girlfriend and Nave are still long-distance and "taking it slow."

    "We're not even on the same level as they are," Dave assured a skeptical Jessie Sulidis and Ashley Elmore.

    Both threw their votes in his corner, however, voting along with at least six others to send Dave and Natalie to the final finals, where—oh, the drama!—they were pitted against each other in a King-Solomonesque manner and, in separate rooms, given the choice of either sharing or keeping the money with dire consequences if both picked "keep."

    The safest bet for both was to pick "share," ensuring each of them $125,000 and at least a chance of a relationship in the future.

    And indeed that's what they did, though Natalie gave everyone a gaping-mouthed fright by stating before she revealed her "keep" sign that "the only time to be selfish is when you've already gotten your friends as far as they can go."

    Lucky for Dave, Natalie wants to be more than friends.


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