Dina Lohan, Home

TMZ.com; Theo Wargo/WireImage.com

After yesterday's spectacularly smelly news of Dina Lohan's house getting egged, the only other thing to ask besides, What the hell took so long?, is…Who could be next?

There's a whole crappy cast of famous folks who have been just as dubious in their behavior as Lindsay's constantly partying, always blame-eschewing mom, right? Yep, tons! But, we must narrow it down…

This is not just a simple douche-bag behavior question we're asking here, we're talkin' real dirt-bag-style existences, like not only encouraging your daughter to drug-and-party her life away, but, offering the world tons of excuses while she's doing it! Hell, it's only your eldest kid's life that's in jeopardy, woman. Think about it.

So, who else deserves their pads to be egged along with Dina's? Or maybe even more so? As always, we prefer that you be the judge: Are you tired of hearing Paris constantly say it wasn't her fault? Or maybe you're finally done with Mel Gibson treating women like sub-humans? Hey, here's your chance!

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Which celeb would you like to see get the egged-house treatment next?


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