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    Robert Pattinson, RoadTrippin' Part 2

    Robert Pattinson Ringo/Jesal Parshotam,

    Our fave sexy boy Robert Pattinson is still truckin' along! As we told you Tuesday, Rob's been on a road trip with the boys, making stops in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

    We were alerted to the most adorable fan encounter from when Pattinson apparently visited the Buddy Holly museum in Lubbock, Texas, (this was also during his pit stop at Crickets bar, where he was swarmed by female fans from a nearby college campus), and we have more good news: Looks like he's still making his way east to Kristen Stewart!

    First up, if you had a hard time believing R.Pattz was charming in his offbeat way, then checkout this Twilight fan's story from the Buddy Holly museum.

    If you're one of those people who spend 24/7 on your computer, of course, you've seen this. But for those who just like cute stories and don't religiously blog, here's a brief rundown:

    "I was rounding a corner with the stroller & there he was scruffy & all...I just spit out 'rob is that you?' he turned around…looked at me & started laughing & said 'no no you've got the wrong guy' but duh I heard his sweet voice I knew it was him…He kept smiling my 14 month old was babbling so Rob bent down a little & said 'hi there'…Rob was soo nice & polite even tho he looked sleepy. He said he was going to head out & asked me nicely not to post anything about his whereabouts for a few hours…He gave my son's hand a little tug & said 'nice meeting you', then he said the biggest compliment ever, 'i hope when I have a kid he's as beautiful as you! ( talking to my son)"

    Adorable or adorable?

    As for where Mr. Pattinson is now, let's stay hush until he's there, shall we? But it would appear as if New Orleans is his destination...a place where, totally coincidentally, Kristen Stewart is currently filming On the Road.

    Pattinson was spotted drinking Tecate's with his pals at Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, Texas, Tuesday afternoon. A source at the bar says that R.Pattz seemed like a "down-to-earth guy" and was very "polite." That seems to be the general consensus!

    How much would you pay to be a fly on the wall during this all-boys car trip with Rob and his besties? Well, that won't happen, but you can bid on a set visit to Breaking Dawn with all proceeds going to Stand Up to Cancer!


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