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    Bitch-Back! Is Kate Bosworth Totally Bummed?

    Kate Bosworth Eric Ryan/Getty Images

    Dear Ted:
    I read in Us Weekly that Kate Bosworth was "feeling really down and depressed" after learning about Orlando Bloom's marriage to Miranda Kerr. I would be a little angry also since he strung her along for four years and than dumped her. Any truth to Kate's sadness report?

    Dear Feeling Kerrable:
    While it's never a good feeling to see an ex tie the knot when you're still relatively single, Kate's got plenty more to worry about these days. Like, her rocky relaysh with Alexander Skarsgård, where the hell her movie career went and staying at a size-triple zero. That's a lot for a babe to worry about.

    Dear Ted:
    Who was Tobey's favorite Me-Me Dallas or Darla Jones?

    Dear All Eyes on Me-Me:
    Ms. Dallas, duh. Darla was obviously a rebound—she was around, so why not?

    Dear Ted:
    Lady Gaga looked so skinny in the "Telephone" video (we agreed). I actually didn't believe it when you said she was still having problems with weight issues. She just looks so much better now. Really great actually. But this new book is coming out about her, Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, that says she was hospitalized for her extreme dieting six times last year! Is this what you were talking about? Sadly, I'm believing you now.

    Dear What's Eating Gaga:
    Well, anyone with eyes could see that she was losing lots of weight extremely fast, and there was no healthy way to justify it. She does look better now, though. Saw her concert when she was in L.A. and her body was looking bangin', comparatively.

    Dear Ted:
    I would like to know why everyone is always wanting to put in their two cents about Jennifer Aniston's love life. Every time she is seen out with a man you get 50 freaking blogs claiming she's dating them. Are you like me in assuming "Ms. Business" knows how to keep her business on the down-low? Why can't they leave the woman alone?

    Dear Annoying Aniston:
    Cause people want her to end up getting a guy (ya know, considering how much of a public disaster her love life has been in the past), or they want to feel better knowing that a rich, famous and gorgeous gal can't land a man either.

    Dear Ted:
    Thanks a lot, Ted! I was looking forward to a Robert Pattinson and Angelina Jolie flick! Are you out of your mind? They would have been awesome in a movie together. I'm a Robsten fan but come on!

    Dear Robelina:
    Jess, I agree the two are both amazing actors, and the flick sounded exciting, but c'mon. If you've been on the boards you know that if Reese Witherspoon is anywhere within five feet of Rob, the fans freak out that she's trying to steal him away from K.Stew. Now imagine it's Angie—track record and all—on that same set.

    Dear Ted:
    Why is homosexuality such a defining trait in people's minds? I get that some people believe homosexuality is wrong and therefore deprive themselves of potentially great human relationships. But what is up with people who say they can't believe a gay actor in a straight role? I mean, I know that Chris Meloni is not a detective in real life, but I have no problem believing he's Elliot Stabler when I see him on TV. (Shirtless shots are simply icing on the cake.) I'm a mom of a teenager, and my kid is very open-minded about same-sex marriage and relationships. Do you think the next generation will be more open to enjoying actors and actresses without worrying about their sexuality?
    —A Hopeful Fan

    Dear Ya Did Well:
    Yes, absolutely, look at your own kid! Smart people, generally speaking, don't like the bigotry/hatred thing, either.

    Dear Ted:
    Any gossip on the cast of 90210? One never really hears anything special from "inside," but I guess something must happen between them around there, am I wrong? Are Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes and Shenae Grimes as "clean" as they seem to be?

    Dear 9021-Oh No:
    For how drop-dead divalicious these beauties could be, they're actually kind of boring, all things considered. How très disappointing, I know—you'd think AnnaLynne McCord would have so much more goss potential.

    Dear Ted:
    What gives with Kellan Lutz these days? There was a report that he was accusing a pap of a hit-and-run on the set of his movie in Montreal this summer, and I've seen pictures of him smoking. I don't think he's a very good actor, do you think he'll have a career after the Twilight movies are over?

    Dear Lutz of Success:
    Of course, he will. He's got a beefy bod and stellar six-pack, doesn't he? While he might not want to be thought of as a piece of meat, he'll definitely work his good looks into more action-focused films (à la Taylor Lautner).

    Dear Ted:
    Does January Jones get along with the cast and crew of Mad Men? Just wondering because she seemed to keep her distance at the Emmys. Also her character has disappeared from the show this season. Thought maybe she would be very annoyed about that.

    Dear Onto Something:
    January has always set herself apart, on and off the set. Maybe people just tired of it?

    Dear Ted:
    I absolutely adore Henry Cavill and was shocked to find out he was whom Stephenie Meyer had in mind originally to play Edward in Twilight. I can't imagine how different our gossip landscape would have been if he had gotten the part! Please tell me he's been a B.V.—he is just so freaking dreamy!

    Dear Pattz vs. Cavill:
    We'd be down one big-time Blind Vicer, that's for sure. But then again, if hunky Henry had been the one to don Ed's fangs and skyrocket into supervamp fame, then he might have nabbed Vice you all seem to hope for.

    Dear Ted:
    Is it common for B.V.s hiding their sexuality to have bromances or to be pals with a same-sex person in the public eye while getting it on in private? Or do they usually avoid their real partner's company in paparazzi territory?

    Dear Bromeo, Oh Bromeo:
    Could go either way, babe. Depends how paranoid the closeted cutie is. Sometimes guys are comfortable flaunting their BF as their friend, others are so nervous they're not even willing to be seen together.

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