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    Caught! Robert Pattinson and Leonardo DiCaprio Have Boys' Night Out

    Rob Pattinson, Leonardo Dicaprio Fame Pictures Inc.; Dennis Van Tine/

    As we tweeted over the weekend, Robert Pattinson was spotted hanging at the ultra-private Soho House Friday night in West Hollywood with some guy friends and his blond agent, Stephanie Ritz, his go-to date since Kristen Stewart is on location filming. Thought you all should know some more deets:

    R.Pattz, fully bearded, showed up to Soho just before 11, trying to be as incognito as possible. Something he's learned from fellow heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, who was also there.

    Wearing a baseball cap, jeans and a dark-colored letterman jacket, the Twilight star kept his head down as much as possible until making his way to a table in the back of the restaurant area.

    A source tells E! that Pattinson and his friends we're chatting, drinking water and beer, smoking cigarettes and kept it rather mellow for a boys' night out.

    "You could tell Rob didn't really want to be noticed, but he did chat with a few people it seemed like he knew who stopped by his table,' says a supremely lucky eyewitness.  "At one point he was laughing and joking around with the wait staff. It seemed like he was having fun."

    Rob's GF Kristen is currently in New Orleans filming On the Road (where Rob may be on his way to visit her, but more on that tomorrow), so we're pleased to report Pattinson didn't take the opportunity to hang out with any of the ladies who noticed him throughout the night. Enjoying his night with his buddies, R hung out past 1 a.m., even though his agent left around midnight. Another surprisingly low-key man muffin also holding court at Soho was...

    Leonardo DiCaprio, ensconced in a front booth. Bar's on-again, off-again man donned his standard baseball cap as well and was dining with another dude but left before Pattinson arrived. Too bad. These guys have so much to talk about—like their crazy fans and which hat to wear for what occasion. Both dudes are at Soho all the time; we totally hope they hang sooner or later. Oh, and the night before, Leo was out with his BFF...

    Kevin Connolly at Voyeur. Nothing new there except a female addition to their Entourage, Kev's costar Emmanuelle Chriqui.

    Onlookers tell us Kevin and Emmanuelle looked like "more than costars" and were way flirty all night. Interesting. Life imitating art—that never happens in Hollywood. But we'd be into these two as a couple! You?

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