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    R.Pattz's Entourage Cameo Isn't Happening—Yet!

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    Heard those rumors about Robert Pattinson starring opposite Angelina Jolie in an upcoming big budget flick? Totally not happening. And trust, we're a bit relieved—if you Team Robsten fans got so worked up over Reese Witherspoon, we can't imagine the chaos that would ensue if Angie's man-luring lips on the same set as K.Stew's dude.

    Well, seems like Mr. Pattinson is guest starring is quite a few false casting reports lately because we've got another to debunk—and this one we're totally bummed about:

    While it's been reported that Rob will be facing off with Jeremy Piven's infamous Ari Gold in this Sunday's episode of Entourage, reps for HBO tell us, "Sorry, not true."

    Since Saturday Night Live never panned out for Pattz (instead we got Taylor Lautner, snooze), we've been hoping that he would pop up on the HBO series that loves a celeb cameo as much as the Piv loves sushi.

    And while Marky Mark Wahlberg and his funky bunch were relatively coy about an appearance by the "kid from Twilight" when we pitched the idea at Comic-Con, we're positive that Rob would be absolutely perfect on the show.

    Totally his type of humor—Rob never misses a chance to poke fun at himself or his vampy alter-ego. And what better way to wink at all those crazy rumors about the guy than by playing himself?

    Maybe someone came down with a last minute case of mercury poisoning. Guess we'll have to keep campaigning—there's always the movie, ya know.

    Plus, this HBO-Twilight crossover is so much more appealing than Nikki Reed on True Blood, don't you think?

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