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Fall TV Preview: Better With You Is Giving Us Serious Déjà Vu

Better With You, Joanna Garcia, Jake Lacy ABC/RICHARD FOREMAN

It's certainly not the worst $#!@ coming out on your TV this fall. (Shatner, sorry buddy, but yes, that is a dig at your new CBS gig.) But why does ABC's Better With You, which stars the always adorable Joanna Garcia, seem so darn familar? And is it worth watching?


Fall TV Preview

Better With You (ABC)

Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 22, 8:30-9 p.m.
Competition: America's Next Top Model (CW), Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS), Hell's Kitchen (Fox), Undercovers (NBC)
Cast: Joanna Garcia, Jennifer Finnigan, Josh Cooke, Jake Lacy, Kurt Fuller, Debra Jo Rupp
Status: We've seen the pilot episode.

What I Like About You is a cute new...oops! We mean Better With You is a cute new show!

This new ABC sitcom is a more grown up, non-parentally challenged version of the WB's BFF-sisters sitcom of yesteryear. Only this one stars Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan, whom we are always inclined to champion--they're just plain likeable. True, the multi-camera, laugh track series feels a bit outdated, and the punchlines are a cheesefest, but if you can get past all that (and you might not be able to), you might find Better With You to be fun, mindless comedy fare.

Highlights? The cast has great chemistry, the contrasting storylines work really well—Joanna's Mia is the impulsive, newly engaged free spirit, while Jennifer's Maddie is the cautious, thoroughly thoughtful big sis—and we're kind of digging seeing That 70s Show's Debra Jo Rupp as the sassy mom.

Is it the groundbreaking comedy of the Modern Family era? Not by a long shot. But with this charming cast, it might suck you in any way.

Verdict: If you can deal with laugh-track-style comedy, DVR it. 

What's your take on Better With You? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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