How many nights does it take to decide who's got talent in this country?

OMG, tons.

But at last, five more acts got the good news Wednesday that they'd be joining last week's top five in next week's semifinals on America's Got Talent.

Did your favorites make the cut?

Well, at least we're not looking at nine singers and one ballroom-dance team.

America split the difference among the magicians, choosing the theatrics of illusionist Michael Grasso (who works with a hot partner) over the more root-vegetable-resembling Murray, who happens to hail from Las Vegas, where all of these contestants are hoping to end up with their own show—and $1 million—when all is said and done.

Piers Morgan had observed that Murray was off his game last night, while Grasso was consistently "brilliant."

Joining Grasso in the semis with his own somewhat magical moves is stunt cyclist Jeremy VanSchoonhoven of—no joke—Talent, Ore.

"It was definitely worth it," Jeremy, his arm taped up not for effect, said of all the injuries he's sustained in pursuit of his dream.

Ironically, the 30-year-old and his literally gravity defying skills are joined by the figuratively named Fighting Gravity, the blacklight-utilizing performance troupe from Virginia. 

Not at all surprising, either, is the ascension of 10-year-old soprano Jackie Evancho to the semifinals as her eerily adult pipes continue to blow everyone away.

The little blond sweetheart said that, if she wins the $1 million prize, she hopes "to spend it on something for the animals."

Alas, America decided that there wasn't room in Sin City for Cirque-style aerialists Michael Lipari and Nancy Dejon, leaving it up to the judges to decide between hip-hop dance troupe Studio One Young Beast Society and soul singer Alice Tan Ridley, mother of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe.

Well, Gabourey remains the star in the family, because Studio One is headed to the semis.

They join the semifinalists chosen last week:

• Opera singer Prince Poppycock
• Singer-musician Michael Grimm
• Singer-musician Taylor Matthews
Ballroom dancers Anna & Patryk
• Singing sister duo Christina & Ali

Last week's lot were all vocalists, with the exception of 12-year-old hoofers Anna & Patryk, who are too cute for school. 

So why not give 'em a show in Vegas?


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