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    Lea Michele Launching Anti-Diva PR Campaign?

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    We love Lea Michele. Seriously.

    While you might think we've had some not-so-nice things to say about her, the girl is just a gossip columnist's dream: killer 'tude, tabloid drama, but with the hot body and the ferocious talent to back it up. In other words, she keeps us on our game and always watching her every move, and we love her for it.

    Even when that move happens to be in the I'm-not-a-diva, blatantly planted PR direction:

    We've heard from her team that Lea's a little upset with us. After all, we haven't tried to hide all those horror stories about her diva spunk over the last few months.

    But it looks like Lea's pro PR team (hi guys!) have landed a fab interview with image-making mag Glamour, and it seems the whole Q&A is an effort to erase all those silly and completely true rumors about her being a deev. This is on top of her new revelation as Mother Teresa of cat rescuing.

    Dare we say, we're sorry?

    Some choice quotes, we think, deserve to be mentioned:

    Like how she says: "I'm ridding myself of all my vices, and coffee's my number one."

    Yeah, babe, we're sure that drinking coffee is the worst thing you do. And how boyfriend Theo Stockman "lets me be who I am." So in other words, he lets her swap saliva for hours on end—no big deal.

    But while we're the first to say that this is just in-your-face anti-diva PR, we think it's pretty damn effective. I mean, how adorbs is it that she dressed up for the Golden Globes with her mom? Or cooks Italian food and watches Bravo's reality line-up? Or that story about her and the lesbian? (Read it and you'll know.)

    Kudos, Lea and team! You've done a good job—if you can make turn we Awful skeptics, you can surely conquer the world.

    And that's all that Princess Lea wants in life, right? Kidding.

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