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Dancing With the Stars New Cast Already Paying Off?

Dancing with the Stars Cast Craig Sjodin/ABC

Did Bachelor Pad get a Dancing With the Stars bounce? Did Jimmy Fallon get an Emmys bounce? And did Real Housewives of New Jersey get a smackdown bounce?

The answers—and more questions—in the latest TV ratings quiz:

1. True or false: It pays to drop Bristol Palin's name. True, and also David Hasselholff's. And The Situation's. And… Last night's Bachelor Pad, featuring the formal unveiling of the new DWTS cast, was up from last week, sucking in an estimated 6.2 million viewers.

2. True or false: It pays to get great reviews for hosting the Emmys. Not while Craig Ferguson's around. While Fallon was presumably resting last night, Ferguson was working. (We don't get it, either. On the Monday before Labor Day?!) Accordingly, Ferguson's new Late Late Show beat Fallon's repeat Late Night in the national overnights.

3. Did True Blood fans think their show was going to win the Emmy? Given that the show's latest new episode, which aired opposite the Emmys, scored a new series high (5.4 million viewers), we're going to say no.

4. By the way, whatever happened to the Emmys? Football. While Sunday's telecast drew the biggest audience since 2006, the show itself has not been the same since football's big broadcast-network game of the week moved to Sunday. In 2007, the first year the Emmys went head to head with football, the show lost more than 3 million viewers. To date, it's recovered just 500,000 viewers—even when, as this past weekend, it didn't go up against football.

5. True or false: Caroline Manzo plus Danielle Staub equals lotsa lookiloos. Totally true. Last week's second-season finale, featuring the long-awaited latest Manzo-Staub bout, booked a season high 3.4 million.

6. How did you spend your summer vacation? Watching Jersey Shore. Since Memorial Day, per the latest DVR-adjusted ratings, the reality series is the most-watched cable series among tan-aspiring 18-to-49-year-olds. Last week's episode climbed to yet another series high: 5.8 million viewers.

Here's a look at the 10 most-watched, all-new broadcast and cable primetime shows for the week ended Sunday, per Nielsen Media Research:

  1. 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, 13.5 milion
  2. America's Got Talent (Tuesday), 10.8 million
  3. America's Got Talent (Wednesday), 10.5 million
  4. NFL preseason football (Pittsburgh vs. Denver), 10.1 million
  5. Big Brother (Wednesday), 8 million
  6. Wipeout (Tuesday), 7.98 million
  7. Big Brother (Thursday), 7.9 million
  8. Big Brother (Sunday), 7.8 million
  9. The Closer, 7 million
  10. Rizzoli & Isles, 6.7 million 


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