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Warning: David Hasselhoff Thinks Dancing With the Stars Is a Dating Show

Dancing with the Stars Cast Craig Sjodin/ABC

We just chatted up the new "stars" of Dancing With the Stars after last night's big cast announcement and have some things you must know. Like, for starters, not only is Sarah Palin herself expected in the audience (unless she can see the stage from Alaska?) to cheer on her daughter Bristol, but David Hasselhoff's partner should be afraid—very afraid...

Unless she's totally crushing on The Hoff!

'Cause apparently he is crushing on her. Big time.

We can't yet reveal who David's partner is, but he does tell us the first thing he did when he was cast on the show: He asked his daughters whether she's single.

"My daughters are the ones who talked me into this, and they said, 'if you get this certain dance partner, you're going to be very happy.' And when I met the dance partner, I was smiling for a long time," David said with a grin too big to be just for show. Uh-oh. The hookup rumors are starting before a single sequined pantsuit has been donned!

The Hills' Audrina Patridge, who you'd think would be adept at all things impromptu, has her own set of fears. "I've never done this type of dancing," she tells us. "I'm afraid to perform in front of a live audience and just go blank." See that? The jokes are already writing themselves.

Bristol, who already has blisters on her feet after only two days of rehearsals, wants more than just new muscles out of this. "I'm excited to step out of my comfort zone and do something fun and positive like this," she says. "I think that there's so much misreporting about myself and there are so many rumors and lies about myself out there, this is going to show people that I'm not who they say."

And will Bristol's mom ever be in the audience? Of course! "She's my No. 1 fan," she tells us happily.

The dancers have already met with their partners, and rehearsals are under way. How do you all feel about this cast of DWTS? And more importantly, how much of a fight do you think The Situation's bare chest will put up against sequined shirts? Sound off below!

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