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Ricky's Cheap Beer? January's Jewel-Eating Hair? And All Your Burning Emmy Questions!

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Ricky Gervais Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The red carpet has been rolled and January Jones has probably burned that Versace by now, but the questions about last night's Emmy Awards spectacular continue to roll into this B!tch's inbox. So let's knock 'em all down in this very special Emmy edition of an Answer B!tch Lightning Round!

How much beer did Ricky Gervais end up giving out at the Emmys?
—DyL, via the Answer B!tch inbox

Well, not enough, because I didn't get any. And quite a few celebrities probably left quite sober as well, because...

According to our spies, Ricky Gervais is no Oprah Winfrey. His free beer was only enough to go to the first few rows. Anyone else who wanted a beer had to dash to the lobby during a commercial and shell out—and this is not a misprint—$10.75.

How much pull does the network airing the Emmys have over the show? Obviously some of the presenters were from new shows on NBC, but then the Glee and Modern Family skits were promoting other networks.
—Dan C., via Facebook

It's typical for the host network to claim more presenter slots than its competitors—say, 11, versus six or four from another network. But occasionally, host networks are called out for abusing this power. Take the 2002 telecast, which featured a bloated 19 presenters from host network NBC, versus only one from ABC and six from CBS.

"Tacky, tacky, tacky," was how Electronic Media mag put it the day after. "And not keeping with the Emmy spirit of celebrating TV as a whole."

Why do they focus so much on movies and miniseries at the Emmys? No one in the general public cares about those.
—Kami L., via Facebook

No, but the general public sure does care about A-listers, especially when said stars are watchable, for free, during an awards show telecast.

Most A-list movie stars don't bother starring in TV series, but they'll do a mini-series or movie, right Drew Barrymore/Al Pacino/Susan Sarandon/Emma Thompson/Kevin Spacey/Jeff Bridges?

So of course the Emmys are going to, as you put it, "focus," at least a bit, on this category. It's where the celebrity megawattage truly is.

When are people going to stop wearing Barbie doll colored lipstick? It keeps ruining perfectly good red carpet looks.
—Laura M., via Facebook

Because it's safe, that's why.

"You're always going to see those Barbie doll lips on the carpet because it's a look that a lot of celebrities feel comfortable in," says Carol Shaw, celebrity makeup artist and creator of LORAC Cosmetics. "It's a classic look, and it's easy to feel pretty."

Plus—and this is major when it comes to the elaborate look required for a red carpet—"It goes with everything."

January Jones was reportedly wearing earrings worth $1 million, but her hair covered them the whole night and no one ever saw them. Will someone's head roll over that snafu?
—Jennifer Y, via Facebook

Probably not, given that everyone, including you, knows how much the earrings were worth. (More of less; it's actually $1.2 million.)

That, in turn, means that the publicists at Cartier did their jobs well enough, even if they are having trouble finding decent still photos of Jones sporting the earrings. If Cartier is ticked off at Jones's choice in hairstyle, it isn't showing it. Off the record, I'm told that Cartier has plenty of video of Jones moving on the carpet in a way that shows off the earrings, and that, in turn equals a better chance for future TV coverage.

How does a show that is clearly a drama (like Nurse Jackie) get placed into the Emmy comedy category?
—Brooke H., via Facebook

Entrants pick their own categories. Edie Falco may say she's not funny, but someone at the show sure thinks she is.

—Additional reporting by Gina Serpe

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