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"She won't know until she's 18. Or I don't want to know what she thinks until she's 18."

Jessica Alba, looking drop-dead fab at the premiere of her new über-violent, über-sexy flick Machete at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A., when we asked what her daughter, Honor, would think of her kicking ass on the big screen

And trust us, Jess rivals even Michelle Rodriguez in terms of badassness in this movie, which is definitely saying something. But it'll be a long time before little Honor gets to see her mom handle a machine gun:

Unlike Angelina Jolie, who's pack of kiddos "loved" watching their mama do her stunts but were way "disturbed" by the Salt clips they saw, Jess's pint-size lady saw none of the on-set nonsense. (And screw disturbing, any clip from the blood and boob fest—which, of course, we mean in the best way—would be traumatizing for a tot).

"She would come to the trailer but not to the set, no," Jess 'fessed when we asked if her tyke was nearby to witness any of the explosions or shoot-‘em-up showdowns. Probably for the best, obviously.

As for what Jessica herself thought about ditching rom-coms and psychological thrillers for the chance to wield a weapon:

"I was excited to take part in this film. It's like Robert [Rodriguez] at his best, and it's everything you want out of an exploitative film, which is what this film is, but there's a real political and social relevance to the film, and to be part of art in that way is amazing."

Art indeed, how else would you describe Jess killing a dude with a stiletto?

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