Lindsay Lohan

Pool/Getty Images

Pause your indifference—it's not what you think.

OK, fine, it's a little what you think.

With most of the criminal fallout from her 2007 DUIs behind her (but only just), a date has finally been set in the civil case Lindsay Lohan still faces for her seemingly unshakeable busts.

Judge Richard Stone today set a Jan. 31 start date for the civil trial resulting from a lawsuit filed by Tracie Rice. Rice was in the unenviable position of sitting in the passenger's seat of the car a heavily-influenced and coke-residued LiLo chased across Los Angeles.

Rice sued Lohan for assault, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The newly rehabbed star—who, incidentally, only Tuesday had her driver's license reinstated—was not alone in her car-chasing crusade and the passengers of her vehicle have also filed suit against her.

To make life easier for everyone (except Lindsay, obviously) both cases have been consolidated and will be heard together.

Now that Lindsay's free, she can go back to doing what she does best. Engaging in shameless product placement for cash.

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