This wasn't the kind of promotion the Takers team was hoping for, but they got it anyway.

Just when Chris Brown (and the studio releasing his new movie) was hoping the world had forgotten all about his brutal attack on Rihanna, around comes a progress hearing in the case and his required presence at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse.

So was the news good or bad?

All good. Real good.

"You are doing very well on probation. You are doing a good job. It looks like you are working consisitently on your community labor hours and I know it is a big job," said Judge Patricia Schnegg.

Schnegg noted Brown—dressed in a black vest, white oxford and khaki pants, and accompanied by attorney Mark Geragos—has also been regularly attending his domestic violence classes and has only missed two. Schnegg ordered the 21-year-old singer to continue with his probation (still has four years to go!) and ordered him to return on Nov. 18 for another progress report hearing.

It was the fourth hearing overall for the semipermanent trash collector, and also happens to be one year since he was sentenced for felony assault.

Guess you could say it really was a happy anniversary.

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