Mel Gibson

AP Photo/David Hernandez

The clock is ticking for Mel Gibson.

At 4 p.m. today, investigators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department presented its case to the district attorney, according to D.A. spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons.

"At least they presented the half that pertains to Gibson. The investigation of his former girlfriend continues," Gibbons tells E! News. "We have not received any evidence to review on that."

The D.A. will examine the evidence and ultimately determine if there's enough evidence to press domestic violence charges against the Mad Max star for a January confronation with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Gibson's lawyers, meanwhile, claim that he was the victim of an extortion attempt by Grigorieva, leading to a separate investigation into her actions.

No comment from either Gibson or Grigorieva—which, at this point, is probably for the best.

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