Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan's out. Now what?

That's what her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, the district attorney and the new (and LiLo would say improved) judge gathered together this morning to figure out.

So, what'd they come up with?

Plenty, as it turns out.

Lindsay herself was not present for the hearing, nor were any media cameras, as Judge Elden Fox had banned them from the courtroom.

But outside the courthouse was a different story, and Holley briefly and succinctly informed the waiting media scrum of the decisions.

First up: cancel that standing reservation at the Chateau. Lindsay was ordered to remain in California and reside at her West Hollywood home until her next court date on Nov. 1. (Lohan will not be required to attend that progress report hearing.)

At that point, should she obey the modified terms of her probation, she will be allowed to move out of state. But, judging by her track record, that could be a big if. Here's what she's got to do:

• Remain in California with L.A. her primary residence
• Undergo psychiatric treatment a minimum of four times a week
• Attend chemical dependency meetings (like A.A. or N.A.) at least five times a week as part of 12-step program
• Contact her chemical dependency counselor at least seven times a week
• Attend behavioral therapy twice a week
• Submit to random drug and alcohol testing two times per week
• Chapman must provide biweekly compliance reports to court

"She is not to miss any drug tests," Fox said after confirming Lohan was released from the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at the UCLA Medical Center sometime after 8 p.m. last night.

"Her attorney must provide the court with biweekly statements that these requirements are being met. Any missed tests or violations will result in 30 days in jail."

In other words, one strike and she's out back in.

It's not all bad news, though, as both under-the-influence drug counts Lindsay faced were dismissed.

"They were dismissed because she did all that she was supposed to do," Holley said.

The star attorney also seemed sure both inside and out of the courthouse that Lindsay was now on the straight and narrow.

"She is very serious about her sobriety," she said. "She looks forward to proving to the court that she is serious. She has learned her lesson and is going to move forward in a positive way."

The first step in that positive direction: not attending tonight's screening of Machete, in which LiLo costars.

"The screening is tonight and when I spoke with her last it was her intention not to do that," she said. "She's moving forward in a positive way and not necessarily going to something splashy. She has changed, she's healthy, she's clear-headed, she's positive and she's looking forward."

When questioned on the veracity of this change in Lohan, Holley defended her client's light-seeing ways.

"She has accepted responsibility. She went directly into treatment, did everything that was asked of her there."

As for reports that Lohan was dismissed after the UCLA doctors determined that she had been misdiagnosed, Holley did not comment directly on her client's medical history, but seemed to give the new batch of docs a glowing recommendation.

"I have no idea if there was a misdiagnosis. They started fresh. There was a fresh evaluation, they made their own diagnosis and recognized that there was no need for her to be there any longer.

"We're happy with the court's ruling today," she added. "The past is dead."

(Originally published Aug. 25, 2010, at 10 a.m. PT)

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