Flipping tables is so last season.

Pillows and insults aren't the only things being tossed about in the upcoming Real Housewives of Jersey reunion: Even poor host Andy Cohen gets a violent shove from the rabid Teresa Giudice.

This preview is such a clown car of crazy that we can't imagine what punches they'll pull in the season-ending two-part special.

One definite highlight...

The shaggy surprise Danielle Staub plucks from her bag—what could it be? Her weave? Ashley's head? An attack dog?

At least we know it isn't MIA Housewife Dina Manzo's hairless cat, Grandma Wrinkles.

Part one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion smackdown airs Aug. 30 on Bravo. Will you be watching? Who are you rooting to win? And what do you think Danielle's packing?

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