George Michael

Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Surprise, everyone! Turns out, when George Michael crashed his car into a London store front and promptly passed out—engine still running—in the middle of the night last month, it wasn't due to exhaustion or a slippery road or fiddly radio knobs or any other responsible-eschewing reason.

It was 'cause he was totally loaded! Score one for honesty…

The careless whisperer turned up in London's Highbury Corner Magistrates Court this morning where he promptly entered a guilty plea for his two offenses. Earlier this month, the 47-year-old was formally charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of cannabis, and today didn't do much (or anything) to dispute those facts.

The judge told Michael that the July 4 incident was "a serious matter" and while no formal sentence was handed down today, the judge also told the former pop star that he could in fact face jail time for his latest driving indiscretion.

"I make it clear all options, in respect of sentencing, remain open, including powers to imprison," District Judge Robin McPhee said. "It is a serious matter. Your driving was extremely poor and there was an accident. There is also your conviction from three years ago."

In the meantime, he has been banned from getting back behind the wheel for the next six months—which won't be such a hardship as he voluntarily took himself off the road after the accident—and is due back in court Sept. 14, when he will be formally sentenced.

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