Taylor Lautner, Eclipse


You've gotta hand it to Taylor Lautner.

The guy's been relatively hush-hush ever since the premiere of Eclipse back in June, and quite frankly, we were beginning to wonder if we'd hear from him again amid all this Robsten love-nest chaos.

Well, the next big Taylor Lautner story is here, and it's pretty unexpected...wait, on second thought, maybe it's been a long time coming?

The story is this: Pretty boy Tay-tay (whom you all seem to think we dislike—so not true) ordered a $300,000 personal trailer to use while shooting his new flick Abduction with Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina (sounds très professional).

Apparently the trailer wasn't "tricked out" or delivered on time—it was expected back in June, according to legal documents. What's the matter, T, planning on some supersecret rendezvous that won't be able to happen in time?

Taylor is claiming "emotional distress" and "annoyance" over the loss of his trailer...and we're claiming the same about his claims. Get it?

We think this is so typically Taylor, to keep something bottled up like this and then just release it on the world and his adoring fans. The kid is 18 and he's complaining that he didn't get his RV? How different is this from those boy-crazy teens complaining about their BMWs on the dearly departed MTV show My Super Sweet Sixteen? Not much.

Tay, take a step back and look at what you're doing. Emotional distress? You know Robert Pattinson would never do something like this—the dude got hit by a freakin' taxi and smiled about it!

The fact that Taylor's filed the lawsuit means we're going to see a lot of annoying legal jargon headlining across Taylor's pretty face.

Great. Now we're emotionally distressed. Is it too early to switch to Team Gloria Allred?

—Additional reporting by Marc Snetiker

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