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First it was Angelina Jolie. Katherine Heigl followed. Then, lo and behold, Sandra Bullock did it, too.

We're not talking about starring in a crappy romantic comedy. Nope, we're thinking more along the lines of ladies who have gone and adopted a child, with very high-profile tabloid results.

And now, Rumor Has It that Good Girl Jennifer Aniston is pulling a Switch and making some Office Space for a new little Friend in the near future.

Oh, and she was also in Marley & Me...

We've learned from a source that Jennifer Aniston has been talking to a celeb weekly about revealing that she's considering adopting a baby to add to her brood of...well, one. And our source is involved in the magazine deal making.

But before you start sending Jen messages of congrats, consider what Aniston's rep has this to say on the subject of Jennifer adopting: "This rumor has come and gone about a dozen or so times, and there is no reason to assume this time it is correct."

Well, considering Jen's future work load is bigger than her hair bill, the publicist's dismissal would seem to make sense, right? Also, a friend to Jen insists that somebody is trying to peddle the magazine-announced story of Jen's first born just to thicken this mysterious plot even more so.

However, our original source, who's a resident at one of the world's most popular magazines, sniffed, "Time will tell," when we told him what Jen's pals are saying to quash the story.

Should this happy fact eventually come to pass, let's revisit: A with-child Jen would follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned a lady like Angie, who decided to embrace the single mommy thing and adopt. But is Jennifer really ready?

I mean, we love the lady, but hey, she's reportedly linking up with John Mayer again, and that can't be healthy for a baby to be around (secondhand douche can cause health problems). Besides, what's she gonna do, ditch the concerts and margaritas for virgin Mai-Tais at the Four Seasons' brunch?

Regardless, we think this is an excellent opportunity to say suck it, Bill O'Reilly!

If Jen goes through with the adoption (bets on nationality, anyone?), it's going to be the perfect slap in the face to those awful comments O'Reilly made about her.

"You don't have to fiddle with a man to have a child," Aniston infamously said at an L.A. press conference recently, prompting the douchey pundit to respond, "That's destructive to our society."

What better way to shut O'Reilly up than to give him a big middle finger in the shape of a healthy newborn baby?

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Will Jen join our gallery of Single Supermoms?

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