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Anyone with common sense and proper etiquette should know that unless you're 100 percent sure a lady is preggers, you don't ask her when she's due.

Poor Mariah Carey is being subjected to all sorts of is-she-or-isn't-she meanness today, after some less than flattering footage of her hit the Web: broke the "story" about our favorite pop honey's possible pregnancy. What's the proof? Because she looks larger, that's all.

It's totally ridiculous that just because she's photographed from an awful and awkward angle (we've all been there, right?), people are fueling the speculation that her voluptuous frame means that she's with child. Even some of our own have put her on baby watch, and with no evidence other than a little muffin-top on the edges.

We'll admit, she's looking a little larger than life in the photos and video—but for as long as she's been around, she's always been rocking the love curves! She's been looking freakin' great lately, to be sure, and to call her out now on her looks seems downright mean.

Now, if you want to talk about Mariah's cryptic Twitter messages or hubby Nick Cannon's announcement on his radio show as being fodder for the pregnancy fire, then that's another story.

"When my wife feels like talking about something, Perez you will hear it from her first," said Cannon in response to a phone call from Perez Hilton. "We all know that it's extremely personal for a woman to deal with the idea of child birth. We know we are public figures, but that's something that you want to keep near and dear until you're 100 percent certain."

Doesn't sound like Nick's trying to hush the story like Mariah's reps are (who say there is "nothing to comment on"). But pregnant or not, we draw the line at the idea that a larger Mariah single-handedly equals a future-mommy Mariah.

This is dangerous territory:

Consider a story of our fave Cougar Town hottie Busy Philipps? After a Australian newspaper bogusly reported that she was pregnant, we were eye-witnesses as some trashy reporter asked her on a carpet if she was expecting, to which Busy responded, "Are you kidding me right now? That's so incredibly rude."

And it's true. Even though the reporter showed Busy the news story and got her due apology, we think it's just about one of the worst things you can do to assume pregnancy based on some, uh, bigger bones.

We'll just keep our mouths shut—even though a preggers M would make us super happy, have to admit.

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