Demi Lovato

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Awww, another Disney star is all grown-up. Demi Lovato turned 18 today, and if there's one thing Twitter users love doing, it's wishing famous people happy birthday. And so one of today's biggest Trending Topics was "Happy 18th Bday, Demi!"

It wasn't just fans sending birthday wishes to the Camp Rock 2 star either, other famous people got in on the action too including Eva Longoria who tweeted:

"Special Happy 18th Birthday love to @ddlovato - a beautiful, talented young lady with an AMAZING future."

Then Rosario Dawson also joined in, tweeting: "Happy Birthday @ddlovato !!! I wish you lots of love, hugs & smooches in celebration of your life & growth. Enjoy." Meanwhile, ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas kept it simple and not too lovey: "Happy birthday @ddlovato! The big 1-8!"

As far as real life birthday celebrating goes, Demi partied in New York City at Buddakan and bought her family a house. You know, just a normal 18-year-old thing to do.

There was some other Disney star news going around on Twitter this past week. Something involving someone named Jashley, ever heard of them? Check that out and other trending topics right here in our Big on Twitter gallery.

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