Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer, Rolling Stone Cover

Rolling Ston

Consider us sick, but we think the new Rolling Stone cover featuring a very naked and very bloody Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer is just plain friggin' yummy. Though, you already knew that.

What we were actually shocked by was how much controversy the picture caused (we hear some stores refuse to stock this issue, even though celebs are nearly naked on mag covers every other week). We haven't seen a debate this fierce since we asked whether Robert Pattinson was really sexy or really gorgeous.

From the boards all the way to Facebook and Twitter, everyone seemed to have an opinion on the magazine's main image:

Some of you loved it (kudos to you...uh, we mean, no bias here!), some of you hated it and some of you just spout off the most hilarious crap ever. Whether you thought it was the most genius idea ever or the loosening of America's moral fiber, we heard what you had to say.

So we rounded up our favorite responses from Trubies, butt-hurt Twi-hards and everyone in between to get a full range of reactions. Oh, and for your convenience, we split ‘em up into pro, anti and other. Aren't we just the most thoughtful fang bangers ever?


"i wish it was in an adult magazine...then we could have see even better pictures"
Paul Reeves

"jeez its a fun vampire show why are people so high and mighty about it and this pic"

"Who cares if they are naked??? If you don't like, then don't look. Its pretty simple. Twilight is for children, and True Blood is for adults. Grow up people. I think this is a great show. It shows you that its ok to be comfortable in your own skin. So get over it childish and annoying "TWI-HARDS"."

"This portrays exactly what the show is about, so if you watch the show, I don't see why you would have any issues with it. And I'm pretty sure the majority of celebs are showing up on magazine covers naked, so get over it. It is not even remotely something to be freaking out about! Other than the fact that Alex is might sexy :p"


"sorry, but doesnt look too different from soft core porn to me. Not really into it. Personally think this is part of whats wrong with tv anymore. how many kids do all of you have? Maybe you don't care what your kids look at, but most decent parents don't want their children lookin at this nasty s*it when they are grocery shopping! Might as well be the cover of a porn magazine in the stands at the stores."
Cindy Wallace

"I'm fairly open-minded..but this is a disturbing picture."

"Sally, I agree, they are just trying too hard. And btw, I'm not a high school student, I'm a 38 year old mother and love the twilight story. It doesn't need excessive sex and violence to keep the audience interested. You appearantly do."

"this cover is soooo over the line, it is such a lack of taste to put sth like this on public display. seriously, I am so fed up of all this tacky vampire stories. what's next? first all refried movies now vamps. did they fired all creative people in Hollywod? Feel sick, vampire topic sucs! "


"i won't even say what it looks like but i am sure what you can imagine"

"they were all pretty much covered in blood in the last episode so whats the big deal? at least moyer is covering his fiancees boob"

"i'd rather see franklin on the cover of this mag with no clothes on! but i guess eric will just have to do."

To the last three we have this to say, respectively: gross, they say chivalry is dead and, is that you, Taryn Ryder?

Oh, didn't you know: While Taryn may claim to be a die-hard A.Skars girl, she just so happens to tell everyone that Franklin is her True Blood boyfriend. Scandalous, we know!

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Photos: True Blood stars, still sexy with clothes on at the Season Three premiere

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