Tila Tequila's weekend run-in with Insane Clown Posse's biggest fans sounds rather, well, insane.

The reality-TV star, who was more than booed off the stage at the annual Gathering of Juggalos festival in a small Illinois town over the weekend, tells E! News that she needed stitches above her eye after being pelted with glass bottles, human feces and other garbage during what turned into a very brief appearance.

And to top it all off, Tequila says, she had reason to suspect that something nasty was going to happen to her.

"I actually was warned by a lot of my fans online, as well as all the Juggalos telling me what they were going to do to me, prior to going," she tells E!, "so I contacted my agents and told them my concerns, and my agents contacted the people who run the event, and they swore to us that there'd be a 100 or more security guards and that nothing like that would happen. and that they needed me to go."

("Juggalos," FYI, is what fans of the bands signed to Psychopathic Records, particularly Insane Clown Posse, are called.)

When she arrived at Cave in Rock in southeastern Illinois, Tequila says, things were very "unorganized" and "the atmosphere was really violent."

"And my own DJ didn't even show up. Even my bodyguard, who's been doing this for 15 years, said he's never seen anything like this."

As she waited in the artists' trailer, she tells E!, she could hear the crowd getting rowdy outside and, before she went on, "one of the staff members came running inside looking horrified and he was like, 'You guys shouldn't let her go on there. It's really dangerous out there and they're ready to throw stuff at her and hurt her.'"

And then a fan ran up to her, she says, also telling her, "Please don't go up there. They're ready to just hurt you, they're not fans."

But despite being "nervous and worried," onstage she went after staffers supposedly pleaded with her to at least do one song and say hello to the crowd.

"Everyone started booing," she describes, "and I was like, 'Alright, this is a violent and tough crowd,' so I went out there just to try and have fun...But immediately before I got up there, things were being thrown, there was so much stuff being thrown, besides just beer bottles."

Tequila says she kept tripping over things, and at one point, she "looked down and saw human poop."

She tells E!, pointing to a bandage on her face, that she saw the guy who threw a big rock at her, causing the injury.

"These weren't fans or people that are like, 'Let's embarrass her and boo her off stage,' but looking at these people, or monsters, whatever they are, they looked very angry and violent," Tequila says.

And now, she says, after being stitched up and told to stay out of the sun for a year, her attorney is on the case.

"He's taking care of that and we have all of our witnesses together, and I'm hoping this is the last Juggalos gathering they'll ever have," Tequila says. "Because it's been such an underground type of concert and I'm glad that I could bring this to mainstream and expose them for what they do to people and women and that it's not OK."

CBS News reports that a man was stabbed at the festival but his injuries were not life-threatening.

(Originally published Aug. 17, 2010, at 6:40 p.m. PT)

For the complete interview with Tila Tequila, tune into E! News Tuesday at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m.

Sounds like Tila Tequila could use a vacation, just like these stars.

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