There's a reason they call it "body language," because in Scott Disick's case, his is speaking loud and clear.

In the finale of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami (Sunday at 10/9c)  there's a telling scene in which Kourtney is having—or rather, trying to have—a heart-to-heart with her bad-boy baby daddy about getting some responsibility in his life. Defensive, distracted Disick...glances at his watch!

Just a subconscious move... perhaps. On the other hand, maybe a defining moment: Emotionally distraught new mom Kourtney tries to reason with self-absorbed Scott, who'd rather be anywhere but there.

Scott's been in therapy recently, and even Kourtney herself has said things are better between them. But what do you think? Watch the clip above, then sound off in our poll!

Behavioral Modification
Scott says he "gets" it and that he's working on his issues. But can this dawg really learn new tricks?
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