Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky was back in L.A. last night to attend a charity event with her hunky fiancé, Roberto Martinez, who patiently waited as Ali got her hair done.

Before Roberto arrived, Ali was happily showing off her engagement ring to salon patrons and stylists at Gavert Atelier. "And the man behind it is even better!" she beamed, clearly smitten.

Although she was stuck in the chair for most the time, she managed to squeeze in some PDA...

Check out the couple kissing behind the bathroom door!

After Ali's hair was finally done (it took three and a half hours!), the twosome made a beeline for their town car, which would chauffeur them to Harold Pump Foundation Gala.

But on the way out, Ali was asked about the scandalous pictures that are supposedly being shopped around by an ex.

"We're in a real hurry, guys, sorry!" she offered. Nicely dodged!

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