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Shhhh! One of TV's Best-Loved Couples Is Getting Married...And Now You Can See the Final Four!

Which TV Couple

Call it fun, or call it torture...Either way, how can you resist?

Thousands of TV fans are playing along in our blind guessing game of which fan-favorite power couple is planning a super hush-hush wedding in the coming season.

We started out with nine contenders, and now five have been eliminated—and we're not done yet. Check out the final four:

Which TV Couple

Chuck and Sarah, Chuck
Will and Emma, Glee
Cristina and Owen, Grey's Anatomy
Michael and Holly, The Office

In case you haven't been following the fun on Twitter (for shame!), here's who I have eliminated one by one:

Brooke and Julian, One Tree Hill
Bill and Sookie, True Blood
Clark and Lois, Smallville
Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

And now, though it pains me, we are eliminating House and Cuddy from House. Though I love them dearly, for the time being I have not heard anything about them heading down the aisle on the upcoming season. Just lots of happiness and togetherness and makeout sessions on the beach. Hmm...Maybe we can live with that?

So what now? As I mentioned in the original story, I cannot come out and name the exact couple I am talking about. However, I can eliminate as many contenders as possible: A total of six couples, so we have one more to go.

Want that last couple cut out? Follow me on Twitter @kristindsantos, and I will name the last axed duo after the next 500 new followers.

Thanks so much for playing along...You guys rock.

If you missed the original Spoiler Wedding story with all the clues on who this couple is and how it will happen, make sure you check it out !

And I'll give you one more clue: I love them. But not everybody does.


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