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"I Should Give My Booty Some Prize Money": Backstage at the So You Think You Can Dance Finale

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Lauren Froderman Frank Micelotta/FOX

Get outta your mind!

The only thing crazier than Ellen DeGeneres' spectacular hip-hop performance on tonight's So You Think You Can Dance finale is all the insane scoop we got on the red carpet after the show.

Whose booty is worth $250,000? Who is auditioning for Glee? Is Mary Murphy bringing back her hot tamale train? We've got all the answers...

Prize Booty: What's America's Favorite Dancer Lauren Froderman going to do with her $250,000 prize money? "I'm going to save it," she said, "because I'm 18 and I'll do crazy things if I have that much money." Could we love her any more? Um, yes: "I will spend a little bit for something for my parents," she added, "because they supported me and believed in me this whole time and I wouldn't be the dancer I am without them." What about her famous booty? "I feel like maybe I should give it some prize money because it helped me along this journey. I don't think I could've done Tahitian without it."

Lauren Was a Lock: Nigel Lythgoe was not surprised by Lauren's win. "She won the night last week by 2 percent," he revealed. "We knew by 11 p.m. last night that she couldn't be caught."

Crutch to Lean On: Runner-up Kent Boyd was obviously disappointed when he arrived on the red carpet, his face tearstained and badly in need of a hug. (We obliged.) When we asked whether he'd talked to his injured BFF Alex Wong after tonight's loss, he said, "Yeah, he came up to me afterward and said, 'You're still a winner in my book.'" Aw.

So You Think You Can Dance, Kent, Lauren, Robert Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup

More Kissing? After that sizzling kiss at the end of their "Collide," routine, we've all been wondering whether Kent and Lauren are more than just dance partners. "Kent and I are just very close," Lauren said. "We definitely have a connection. We'll see how it goes." "We're just friends," Kent said, before pointing out, "If we happen to do "Collide" [on the upcoming tour], that's 40 cities—that's 40 kisses!"

Next Stop, Glee? After the tour, third-place finisher Robert Roldan told us, "My ultimate goal is to be on Glee. I love that show so much. I actually met two castmembers." (Maybe he spoke with Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale last night?) "They were the nicest people I've ever met," Robert gushed. "They were in awe of me, and I was like, What? I couldn't even say anything. I was like, Wow. They're amazing."

 All Aboard the Hot Tamale Train? Mary Murphy confirmed that she hopes to return to the show. "Absolutely. If I come back on the show, it's definitely a tribute to my fans. I know they've been writing in and...going crazy on Nigel's Twitter. He called me and said, "Will you tell them to stop that damn hot tamale train?"

Other Changes Afoot? Mary dished, "I think already they've said they're gonna go back to the old format." Nigel, however, said, "I would really hope that we keep the All-Stars. I would like to look at possibly a top 20, bringing them to a 10, then introducing the All-Stars."

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Nigel called Ellen's tribute to Alex tonight "absolutely remarkable," and Lauren told us the finalists "were blown away to meet her...Ellen said hopefully we can get on her show, which would be awesome."

Are you happy about tonight's outcome? Do you want to see Mary Murphy return to the show? And how about Robert on Glee? Let us know in the comments!


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