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Who saw last night's Top Chef elimination coming?

Not us.

[SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you haven't watched last night's delicious restaurant wars drama yet!]

We thought Padma would have told Alex Reznick to pack his knives. But no—Kenny Gilbert got the boot! Read on to find out what the Florida chef had to say about being sent home...

I was reading blogs and fansites this morning and no one seems to think you should have been sent home. You agree?
I was reading things and no, I don't think I should have been sent home either. I was on Eric Ripert's blog and he was saying Kenny was very organized and ran a very tight kitchen, but maybe he didn't have enough time to taste his food! We had a tasting with the service staff. We tasted the goods multiple times. We all have very trained palettes as well. We did a very good job, but I do have to commend the other team, too. They did a really good job…They were animals out there.

Do you think they kept Alex around because he makes for good TV? He really is the only big source of drama this season.
You know, it's hard to say. It is TV. I would like to think that they had better food and they made the right decision. I hope and pray that's the case. But I mean, he's a mess. To say, "Hey, if I won, I'd have some hookers and an eight ball," I don't find that acceptable. I was floored. I would hope for the integrity of all the judges and also everyone at Bravo they would not allow that to happen.

What did it feel like to hear [former New York Times restaurant critic] Frank Bruni saying such hard things about your dishes?
It was hard. After a while you do get used to be being at the judges table, whether it's good or bad. But I don't know much about Frank Bruni other than what's been told to me. It's not like he was flying to Florida to critique restaurants. He lives in New York, he's very well traveled, very well spoken and seems very well-educated, but I thought the way he articulated was very ignorant. Patrick O'Connell, Marcus Samuelsson and José Andrés are very well trained chefs and even when they were saying bad things, they were professional. I thought [Bruni] for his moment of fame on Top Chef, was trying to take it and be like the Simon Cowell of Top Chef. I thought the part when he said my salad was like Hamburger Helper was absolutely asinine and ridiculous.

What did your daughter have to say when she saw last night's episode?
She's still on summer break so she's with family in Baltimore. She shot me a text and said she was crying and she was upset. She said she loved me but she couldn't believe I was gone and Alex and Amanda were still there.

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