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Having a crappy day? Aw, we're sorry to hear that.

But at least you're not these lovely ladies:

Kelly Bensimon: Apparently, Ms. Satchels of Gold thinks you need to dress like a child when attending a Nickelodeon event. Hell, even the giant Dora the Explorer had a better outfit.

Lynne Curtin: Bravo has decided it's curtains for the Curtins, and the perennially dazed and confused mom says she was the last to know—just like the whole being-broke thing!

Danielle Staub: Everybody's favorite "prostitution whore" keeps it classy by celebrating her 48th birthday by performing at Scores strip club in NYC. We're guessing the Brownstone was booked that night.

Kim G.: After a season of backing the wrong horseface, the bird-legged hanger-on was denied entrance to her former bestie's Scores show. Never mind why she would even want to crash Danielle's gross gig. Poor Kim G., always as homemaker, never a Housewife.

So uncork some pinot grigio (Hi, Ramona!) and sound off in our pity party poll!

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D.C. Housewife Mary Schmidt Amons blames it on the booze. Atta girl!

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