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    Kourtney & Scott in a "Good Place," Kim Sees "Big Change"

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    It was a big weekend for the Kardashian girls! The babes won big at the Teen Choice Awards, Kim celebrated with a yummy dinner at Il Sole, but then Kourtney had another emotional episode of Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami to deal with.

    We caught up with the Sisters K. over the weekend and got the low down on the latest Scott Disick situation:

    "We're in a really good place," a super fit Kourt told us. "It's hard to watch those hard times back."

    But has the Kardashian clan forgiven that quickly?

    "You know, I've seen a big change in Scott," defended Kim. "I've actually seen him make a transition, so it's easy for me to accept him when I actually see a difference. It was probably more difficult before when he would say something would change and it wouldn't."

    Kim continued:

    "I think it escalated to a point where [Scott] was even scared. He's definitely made changes and it's so obvious, that I can't help but accept him now for making the change."

    Still, Kourteny 'fessed that just because they are in a good place now it doesn't make it easier to watch the most recent Miami episodes (by the way, the season finale is next Sunday!).

    "It's not a normal way to live that you have to relive moments and have a million people reliving them with you and telling you their opinion about it on Twitter...but I think I'm really strong in who I am and in the decisions I make for myself and my family. I just have to own and do what makes me happy."

    Kim chimed in:

    "It's also a good therapy to watch things back. You know, for Kourtney, she might look at that episode and say, 'You know, we don't want to get back to that place everything's been going so great.' Or Scott can look back and say 'you know what, I don't like what was going on then and I love the place I'm in now and I just want to stay here.'

    "Usually when you have an issue, you can have it in your normal life and let it go but here you can't," Kim continued, very supportive. "You see it all over the place, people are twittering and you can't escape it! So it's a good way to deal with your problems."

    Sounds like the peanut gallery is all over Twitter.

    While we didn't get a chance to hear where Kris Jenner is at with Scott right now, after last night's episode we're hoping his actions are speaking louder than words. 'Cause we can tell ya right now, Kris wouldn't be a babe we would want to go toe to toe with!

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