Taylor Lautner, Joe Manganiello

Kimberly French/Summit Entertainment, John P. Johnson/HBO

Nice guys don't always have to finish last. At least, not when you look like Joe Manganiello.

Last week we brought to your attention how True Blood is kinda spoofing Twilight when it comes to Franklin's obsession with his human, or soon to be vampire bride, Tara. Totally doesn't remind you of Edward and Bella right?

Well, now it's time to get to True Blood's and Twilight's resident half-naked dudes, er, werewolves...

Taylor Lautner and Joe M.

Both of them are the nice guys waiting in the wings for Bella and Sookie. Joe and Tay are equally protective, cute and cuddly with their women, even though you can grate cheese on their 20-packs.

But why do we totally wanna do Joe way more than Taylor?

Somehow the sweet schtick doesn't get annoying when we're watching Alcide (Joe) trying his sweaty, furrow-browed best to save Sookie. Maybe because he's already gone through puberty and we don't have to envision ourselves in an orange jumpsuit when we watch HBO?

Just a thought, that's all. Sure many of you will disagree, but hell, what else is new?

That said, which furry lights your fire? Sound off below…

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